Item 1: The Flow Chart!

I made this a long while back because I wanted a simple(ish) way to see how many hours different levels of activity would take, and what the fruits of such activity would be. Basically, "what pace would equal what result?" for beginning consultants. (once you achieve promotions, and start earning commissions and bonuses, a lot of this math changes so it really only applies to beginning consultants)

I get it--It looks like a hot mess! But then again, many flow charts do. Don't worry. Grab a calculator, follow each step, and fill in all the boxes. (There's a handy video posted down there that I originally did live in my fb group that will be helpful!)

LET ME BE CLEAR!!! This is absolutely positively NOT meant to be a mathematical certainty predictor of success! There are so many "assumptions" and averages in this flow chart that everyone's results in real life are probably going to vary! This is meant only to help you see how increasing your activity can affect changes in your income, star level. But so many variables still apply! PLEASE please please promise me you'll use this tool responsibly and don't let ANY consultant who sees it believe that the company, you, or me, are making promises based on these charts. There are no guarantees. Got it? Promise? OK.

the original hand drawn version!

Item 2: The Comparison Chart!

OK--here's another doozy that I expect y'all to use appropriately!!
Our Founder asked us to never compare our brand to another (it's tacky). HOWEVER. I think there are some circumstances in which you might want to have this reference handy for the sake of being able to answer IF ASKED how our prices compare, or if you want your consultants to have confidence selling, knowing they offer an amazing value!

NOW- this is NOT up-to-date! However, I don't plan on updating it. It took way too much of my time the first time around (Back in May of 2018) so this is as good as it will get, from me at least.


 PLEASE please please promise me you'll use this tool responsibly AND when you pass it on to another consultant, please let her know, too, that we don't go blabbing about how awesome we are compared to other brands. we're classier than that.

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