Quarterly Mystery Box Membership Flier

Quarterly Mystery Box Membership Flier

You decide how much you charge, you decide how much you give, you decide if it's free shipping or not--This image is meant to open up the conversation and get interest going among your clientele! Think of it like so many other subscription delivery services that are so popular these days! 
This version is for when you want to send something once per quarter (There is another version for a monthly subscription)
You'll receive a PNG file, which is ideal for sharing on social media or by text message. Please review MK's social media guidelines prior to use.

  • Your rights to this image

    You're welcome to use this image as many times as you need to for your own personal business, but sharing this image with other consultants is strictly prohibitied. Please send interested sister consultants to this website. Thank you for respecting my work!

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