Planner Mon-SPV-Goals

Planner Mon-SPV-Goals

This is the Month's worth, Small Page, Goal Digger section of the Peony Garden Planner!

You'll get instructions on how to print this file so that 4 pages (2 on front, 2 on back) fit on a single sheet of paper, reducing paper cost. The finished sise of a page will be 5.5"x8.5" and will fit in a mini binder.

This version should work for 1 month's worth of Goal setting with the Goal Digger section. (Plans and Track Star are NOT included)

*This is a PDF download and print yourself product with extensive instructions on how to print yourself or have printed at Office Depot*

  • Printing Guide

    The appropriate printing guide for this file is called "MonSPV Printing Guide" located here

  • Your rights to this file

    This is your file to print as many times as you like for YOUR personal business! Sharing is strictly prohibited. By not sharing my files, you allow me to keep my prices reasonable and, to be frank, allow me to stay in business. THANK YOU for respecting my work!

  • Pages Included

    MonSPV-Goals file includes A cover page, 1 Letter from Persistence Page, 1 Affirmations Page, 1 Goal Cast Page, 1 My Goals Page, 1 KDB & Accountability Page, 1 My Why Page, 1 Drains/Fulfills Journaling pages, 1 Favorite Quotes page, 1 notes page, 1 sketch page. 

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