Planner Min-SPV-Plans

Planner Min-SPV-Plans

This is the Minimalist, Small Page, Plans section of the Peony Garden Planner!

You'll get instructions on how to print this file so the finished size of a page will be 5.5"x8.5" and will fit in a mini binder.

This version contains only 1 of each unique design for the Plans section (Does NOT include the Track Star section or the Goal Digger section)

This version is intended only for the consumer who WANT TO and is CAPABLE OF manipulating the quantity and order of pages. If that's not you, get a "MON" version, not a "MIN" version.

*This is a PDF download and print yourself product with extensive instructions on how to print yourself or have printed at Office Depot*

  • Printing Guide

    The appropriate printing guide for this file is called "MinLPV and MinSPV Printing Guide" located here

  • Your rights to this file

    This is your file to print as many times as you like for YOUR personal business! Sharing is strictly prohibited. By not sharing my files, you allow me to keep my prices reasonable and, to be frank, allow me to stay in business. THANK YOU for respecting my work!

  • Pages Included

    MinSPVPlans file includes (not in this order) A cover page for each of the three sections, 1 month at a glance, 1 Personal To-do list, 1 Business To-do list, 1 Blotter Page, 1 Sunday Brain Dump List, 1 Weekly Plan Sheet, 1 Day at a glance. Some pages may include duplicates so that there is a left oriented version and a right-oriented version of the same page. 

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