Marketing Giveaway PDF

Marketing Giveaway PDF

PDF file prints out 8" wide and 6" high
Edit fields to personalize what you want to give away this quarter and incentivize some more sharing of the opportunity! Personalize with the link to your favorite marketing/opportunity video, your name and phone number!

  • Your rights to this image

    When you purchase and download this editable file, it is yours to edit and print as many times as you like for YOUR personal business, but sharing it with other consultants is strictly prohibited. When every person who wants to use this file pays a small amount, I am able to keep my costs low and continue to offer designs like this. THANK YOU for respecting my work!

  • Tip for making a short video link

    I suggest using "Bitly" for shortening long video link URLs. You want something easy for your prospect to type into her phone/computer, so don't use the long, original URL!

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