Filing Labels

Filing Labels

Recommended use with Avery Presta labels 94215; 6 labels per sheet 3-1/3" x 4" label size

If you already have envelopes or files for your clients and want a simple, sleek way to keep up with follow-up, you can print these and add them on!

(OR you can wait until mid-September for already-printed envelopes! Check them out on the Organize Page soon!)

Coordinates with other pieces of the Organize Collection

  • Your rights to this file

    You may reproduce this file as many times as you like for YOUR personal business, but sharing with other consultants, even your team members, is STRICTLY prohibitted. Please, please, please. If everyone shares the files they purchase, I will be forced to increase my prices or go out of business. THANK YOU for respecting my work!

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