Erin's Beauty Sesh Digital Bundle

Erin's Beauty Sesh Digital Bundle

Have you heard of the new trend of "The Beauty Sesh"? Get this invitation card (postcard size) plus the three #Organize Sheets updated and coordinated to go with the invitation! 

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    You may reproduce this file as many times as you like for YOUR personal business, but sharing with other consultants, even your team members, is STRICTLY prohibitted. Please, please, please. If everyone shares the files they purchase, I will be forced to increase my prices or go out of business. THANK YOU for respecting my work!

  • How do I know which version I should get?

    There are now 3 versions of the digital bundle to get the organize sheets: (1) the ORIGINAL #Organize Sheets, (2) Erin's Beauty Sesh Sheets (plus invitation), and (3) Amy's Beauty Sesh Sheets.

    The orginal version was created for the beauty experience, so the fonts, verbiage, etc is geared toward the beauty experience. There is a full set WITH a floral background, and a full set WITHOUT the floral background in this version.

    The Amy version was requested by ISD Amy Rhoades to change the verbiage to Beauty Sesh on the opinion survey (verbiage is also updated on the referral page) and calls the sessions: "hydrogel beauty sesh, skin deep beauty sesh, masking madness beauty sesh, 4.0 color look beauty sesh, and 10.0 glamour beauty sesh" the fonts remain the same as the original set, and none of the pieces contain the floral background.

    This version (Erin's) was made to coordinate with the Beauty Sesh invitation (included in the download) so it has both updated verbiage AND coordinated font changes. The seshions are named slightly different than Amy's version "hydrogel eye patch beauty sesh, multimasking beauty sesh, glam instruction beauty sesh, and skin analysis beauty sesh" and, like the Amy version, none of the sheets contain the floral background. Again, the Erin version contains the coordinating invitation as well. 

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