Editable Invite for the Beauty Experience--Download and Edit

Editable Invite for the Beauty Experience--Download and Edit

Add info to this editable invitation then save as an image (PNG or JPEG for example) and text to your hostess for her to text to her friends!

  • Transfer image from computer to phone

    There might be a simpler way, but here's how I get images from my computer to my phone: I open up facebook (this would also work with any program that you have access to both on your phone and your computer, such as an email or even voxer) and go into messenger, and I attach the image to a message to my husband (who doesn't care if I send him things) and then  I open up facebook messenger on my phone, and there is the image I sent to my husband, and I download it onto my phone. Then it's there to text to my hostess. Again, maybe there's a simpler way. But that's how I do it!

  • Your rights to this image

    You are welcome to edit and re-use this for each hostess that you have for as many times as you need to use it. However, it is intended for your personal business only, and should not be shared with other consultants. Please refer to Terms & Conditions of this website

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