Lisa Lead Boxes with Entry Slip Pads

Lisa Lead Boxes with Entry Slip Pads

Dimensions (when assembled) are 7" tall, 6.25" wide, 3.5" deep.
Die cut from glossy cardstock with design printed onto the box--no more dealing with assembling signs and affixing them to blank boxes! The wording is english on one side, spanish on the other. Entry pads are also bilingual and come 25 sheets per pad with a cardboard backing to keep them from flopping. Note that this batch of entry slips will not have a colorful border and will instead be black-and-white only. The entry slips are 2"x3"


Set yourself up for success with lead boxes that don't take forever to assemble, look classy and professional, are totally within legal-ease guidelines, but are inexpensive enough that if a business owner tosses it (which sometimes happens), you won't be out a huge amount. 

  • Care instructions & Tips

    • These boxes are made of sturdy cardstock, but they can be ripped if mistreated, so don't be overly rough with them.
    • Consider adding a weight of some kind to your box (like a small rock) to keep it from blowing away. Often nail salons keep their doors wide open to help with ventilation, and gable boxes tend to blow off of their tables in such conditions if not weighted down. 
    • Consider putting one of your product reorder labels on the bottom of the box so that business owners can contact you if they decide they want it removed, and so that you can tell your box apart from another consultant's. 

    For quantities of 10 or fewer, a Flat Rate Priority Envelope option is best. Higher quantities are encouraged to use  the Medium Flat Rate Priority Box option

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